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E-Power’s philosophy is based on the responsible operation of our business within a framework of high ethical standards, world-class safety standards, strong financial control, environmentally sound practices, democratic leadership and well-defined policies, procedures and clear strategic priorities. Here are the seven managers that have been chosen to assist the CEO in implementing the board’s directives.

Sacha Baker

Safety, Health and Environment, Security, Community Relations and Fleet Manager

Sacha joined the E-Power Project in November 2009 as the Security and Safety Director of the construction phase. Then, in October 2010, he became SHE-SCR Manager and also of the Fleet section when this latter was added in January 2012.
Sacha draws on his experience as a US Marine and his 16-year security career in Haiti to carry out his duties with care and attention to detail. He is available, reliable and spares no effort in conducting his duties in a fully dedicated way. He is always looking for new skills to learn and additional ways to evolve in his position and take the company to new standard heights.

Vanessa Wawa Clérié

Internal Auditor

Vanessa is by far the youngest manager at E-Power. However, as a competent Certified Public Accountant, she has quickly earned the respect of her peers and colleagues and performs at a high level in her duties, maintaining strict controls and ensuring that everyone performs in accordance with established procedures.

Porfirio Guerrero Peña

Senior Technical Advisor

Porfirio started with E-Power in June 2010 and has since helped the company strengthen its technical capacity to finally reach world-class standards.

In a big part, it is thanks to him that Hyundai Heavy Industries and other knowledgeable visitors now present E-Power as a model plant.

Dominique Richard

Administration & General Services Manager

Dominique came to E-Power in September 2010 and from there on she has been a great addition to the staff as she brought experience and knowledge. She demonstrates a high level of initiative and responsibility in her job and does not hesitate to touch at things to help and support anyone anywhere in the company. In her role of General Services Manager, she continuously works on improving the department to efficiently deliver with excellence. She can be described as fierce and enthusiastic!

Johnny Segura Vallego

Maintenance Manager

Johnny is one of the most qualified technicians in the region in power plants operating with diesel engines installed and burning heavy fuel. His more than 20 years working in the field, including as a Service Engineer in an international manufacturer firm likes Wartsila Diesel, has earned him the creditability that he enjoys in the field. He joined E-Power in September 2015, and immediately his contribution has been very noticeable in all aspects.

Ludwig Von Lignau

Operations Manager

With ten years of earned experience in the power industry, Ludwig has perfected his technical knowledge and his well-rounded versatility making him a key player in the planning and execution of all the important projects. At the same time, he has strengthened his managing skills and has overcome the challenges of the not-so-easy balancing of a diverse staff on a rotation schedule, which has solidified him as a strong asset to the team.
Ludwig’s extensive IT background has also led to a very stable information system environment.

Alain Saurel

Finance Manager

Alain joined the E-Power team in March 2019. He is a Corporate Finance graduate from HEC Montreal and holds a Bachelor in Finance from Florida Atlantic University. After graduation, Alain worked for 10 years in the banking industry in the US. Alain has been the Finance Manager for large local & multinational groups in Haïti. He brings substantial experience & expertise to the E-Power family.

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