We supply electricity

Our power plant is one of the largest suppliers of electricity to EDH. We lead a competent and motivated staff to produce and deliver electricity competitively and profitably to Haïti.
From February 2011 to August 2021, we delivered a total of 2,138,942,440 Kwh to the metropolitan grid of Port-au-Prince

We Invest in green

E-Power has also invested in Green Energy. By creating E-Power Solar, we are pushing solar energy & bringing electricity to those who need it most!

We care about our community

E-Power organizes and funds a myriad of social projects & activities for the population of Cité Soleil, the community it calls home. We take pride in developing and continuously training local talents.

We care about health, safety and environment

Safety is an integral component of our operational blueprint here at E-Power. it is a commitment made to our community, staff and the environment.

E-Power’s 2019

Annual Report

Care to read our annual report? Click the links below! E-Power’s 2019 annual report is available in both French and English. It contains a statement from our chairman as well as important information about E-Power’s accomplishments in 2019.

View PDF

Our 2019 Annual Report is available for download in PDF format.

E-Power Annual Report 2019 [EN]E-Power Annual Report 2019 [FR]E-Power Annual Report 2018 [EN]E-Power Annual Report 2017 [EN]E-Power Annual Report 2017 [FR]

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